Introducing the Different Thoughts collection

Introducing the Different Thoughts collection

Designed by Elliat Rich, winner of AFDA 2017

In 2017, Alice Springs-based designer Elliat Rich, received the winning AFDA award for her sculptural vanity, Place. We are excited to be launching Elliat’s resulting collection of furniture and lighting, ‘Different Thoughts’ this month.

Comprising a credenza, floor light and rug, the collection is a triumphant combination of craftsmanship and design. Elliat speaks of the pieces as being,

"an inquiry into boundaries of time and matter, and what connects one being to another. Conceived in an alchemy of functionality and narrative, and delivered with generosity and wonder, the collection invites us to be curious, break the rules, and to think critically about our relationships."

The Different Thoughts Credenza features a seamless body with an elegant integration of lightness and utility, while the Edges Rug is defined by elemental shapes and colours. Completing the collection, the Floor Light is both sculptural and graceful, featuring a texturised glass profile draped atop a tubular frame.

Based in Alice Springs, Elliat works across a broad spectrum of design including art and furniture, product development, exhibition design and limited edition objects. Elliat has spoken about the design process for her AFDA 2017 winning piece ‘Place’, as,

"the first major work where I allowed intuition to run in parallel with conceptual thinking. Understanding and valuing the creative leaps that can’t be articulated through words or aren't given space in a rational process. I wanted to try to capture in material and form how I felt when travelling through the different landscapes of central Australia; the colours, textures, the sense of an ancient and living place, something close to impossible, as sensed from the car window."

For Elliat the design process is a creative translation between materials and culture, alive to a broader context of power and social value, always calling on the possibilities of the imagination. This distinct design process is evident in the Different Thoughts collection through her use of organic form and unique finish combinations.

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Campaign Imagery

Photography by Haydn Cattach
Styling by Natalie Turnbull