Welcoming Eikund

Welcoming Eikund

Introducing our latest brand, Eikund

Stylecraft are excited to announce Norwegian brand, Eikund, will be added to our collection of leading European brands in May 2021. Located in Hellvik, Norway, Eikund has been founded on the desire to “uncover hidden design classics to bring to the public eye.” Through tireless efforts scouring attics and archives to source original drawings and information about each product, Eikund have brought to life pieces of Norway’s design history suitable for today’s contemporary interiors.

The Eikund collection is not a body of work by a single designer, rather a collective of designers that worked during the mid-twentieth century who’s pieces have been relaunched. The range of chairs, lounge chairs, tables and accessories have been designed with clear inspiration from the modernistic trends of the time being simple, functional and beautifully crafted.

The Eikund collection is as suited to the home as it is retail, luxurious bars, restaurants and premium hotel spaces. Designed and manufactured to withstand daily use and be passed through generations, the Eikund collection is equal parts elegant and nostalgic as it is inspiring.

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